Custom GPTs Let Anyone Download Leaked Files

Custom GPTs Let Anyone Download Leaked Files

In a surprising security malfunction, it seems that Custom GPTs, the extraordinary feature just released OpenAI, might be leaking the very own files it was given as context.

This discovery has raised eyebrows in the tech community, particularly because these files can be accessed simply by literally asking the GPT.

Custom GPTs, introduced as a part of the GPT Plus service, are a game-changer in the world of chatbots. They allow creators to feed them with specific data, like product details, customer information, or web analytics, providing more tailored and accurate responses.

While this seemed like a boon for personalized AI interactions, a potential privacy issue has been concerning many.

Reports and tweets, including one about, a salary analysis platform, have highlighted a concerning aspect of these Custom GPTs – they can share the files uploaded by their creators upon request.

What's more, obtaining these files is as easy as asking the chatbot to present them for download.